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Golismero On BackTrack 5


  • Golismero is the Web Knive .through this tool you  can crawl the whole website . 
  • Created by - Daniel Garcia Garcia
  • This is one of the tool which is added in the Backtrack R3 .



usage: [-h] [-R RECURSIVITY] [-t TARGET] [-o OUTPUT]
                    [-F {text,html,csv,xml,scripting,wfuzz}]
                    [-A {all,forms,links}] [-V] [-c] [-x] [-m] [-na] [-nc]
                    [-ns] [-ni] [-nm] [-nl] [-l] [-us HTTP_AUTH_USER]
                    [-ps HTTP_AUTH_PASS] [-C COOKIE] [-P PROXY] [-U]
                    [-f FINGER] [--follow]

optional arguments:
 -h, --help            
  • show this help message and exit
  • See the below image for more details - 

  -R RECURSIVITY        recursivity level of spider. Default=0
  -t TARGET             target web site.
  • In this example , we use both the option -R ( RECURSIVITY) and -t ( TARGET ) .
  • See the below image to use this tool . 

  -o OUTPUT            
  •  output file.
  • With this option , you can save your result in output file . 
  • Remember the default extension of the file is .txt . 
  • See the below example to understand more about this option -

  -F {text,html,csv,xml,scripting,wfuzz}
                        output format. "scripting" is perfect to combine with
                        awk,cut,grep.... default=text

Command :-

Result : -

Command : 

Result : 

Command :


  -A {all,forms,links}  
  • Scan only forms, only links or both. Default=all
  • See the below images for more help -

-A forms 

  •  Show version.
  • See the below image for more help - 

  •  colorize output. Default=No
  • With this option you will get ouptut in colors like links in blue ,Methods in yellow and Passwords in Red . 
  • See the below example of , then you will get my point - 

-A links 

  -x, --search-vulns   
  •  looking url potentially dangerous and bugs. As default  not selected.
  • See the below image for more details -

 -m, --compat-mode    
  •  Show results as compact format. As default not selected.
  • For compact mode , -m option is used . 
  • See the below image  example for more help - 

  -na, --no-all        
  •  implies no-css, no-script, no-images and no-mail. As default not selected.
  • See the below example for more details -

  -nc, --no-css         
  • don't get css links. As default not selected.
  • See the below image for more details -

  -ns, --no-script      
  • don't get script links. As default not selected.
  • See the below image for more etails -

  -ni, --no-images      
  • don't get images links. As default not selected.
  • See the below image for more details -

  -l, --long-summary    
  • detailed summary of process. As default not selected.
  • See the below image for more details -

  -P PROXY, --proxy PROXY
                        set proxy, as format: IP:PORT. As default is empty.

  -U, --update          update Golismero.

  • Example 1:
  • -t -c

- -t -c -A links -x

  • -t -A links --no-all
  • See the below image for more help-

  • -t -A links -na
  • See the below image for more details - 






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