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ssldump on backtrack 5


  • ssldump is an SSL/TLS network protocol analyzer.
  • It identifies TCP connections on the chosen network interface and attempts to interpret them as SSL/TLS traffic.
  • When it identifies SSL/TLS traffic, it decodes the records and displays them in a textual form to stdout. If provided with the appropriate keying material, it will also decrypt the connections and display the application data traffic.

How To Open ' ssldump '
  • To open ' ssldump ' goto --> BackTrack > Information Gathering > Network Analysis > SSL Analysis > ssldump 
  • See the below image for more help - 

ssldump path

Output Format

Before using ssldump , understand the following points - 
  • All output is printed to standard out.
  • ssldump prints an indication of every new TCP connection using a line like the following

New TCP connection #2: <->
  • The host which send the first SYN is printed on the left and the host which responded is printed on the right. 
  • Ordinarily, this means that the SSL client will be printed on the left with the SSL server on the right.
  • In this case we have a connection from 1232) to 80). To allow the user to disentangle traffic from different connections, each connection is numbered. This is connection 2.
  • The printout of each SSL record begins with a record line. This line contains the connection and record number, a timestamp, and the record type, as in the following:

2 3  0.2001 (0.0749)  S>C  Handshake      Certificate
  • This is record 3 on connection 2. The first timestamp is the time since the beginning of the connection. The second is the time since the previous record. Both are in seconds.
  •  The next field in the record line is the direction that the record was going. C>S indicates records transmitted from client to server and S>C indicates records transmitted from server to client. ssldump assumes that the host to transmit the first SYN is the SSL client (this is nearly always correct.
  •  The next field is the record type, one of HandshakeIAlertChangeCipherSpec, or application_data. Finally, ssldump may print record-specific data on the rest of the line. For Handshake records, it prints the handshake message. Thus, this record is a Certificate message.
  • ssldump chooses certain record types for further decoding. These are the ones that have proven to be most useful for debugging:
    ClientHello - version, offered cipher suites, session id
    if provided)
    ServerHello - version, session_id, chosen cipher suite,
    compression method
    Alert - type and level (if obtainable)Fuller decoding of the various records can be obtained by using the -A , -d , -k and -p flags.
How to use ' ssldump '
  • To use ssldump , we have to follow all the options associated to ssldump ,as we are now going to use .
  • First we simlply run the ' ssldump ' on my interface(eth0) to check is it working or not , then afterwards we implement other options it .
  • Command Syntax : ssldump -i < interface > port < port no. >
  • Command Used : ssldump -i eth0 port 80
  • See the below image for the result - 
  • When some one on the interface opens any website on port 80(http), ssldump captures traffic.
  • See the below image for more details - 
ssldump -i option


  • To use ssldump help options , use the coammnd given below - 
  • Command Used : ssldump -h 
  • See the below image for more details - 
ssldump -h

-a option 

  • -a Print bare TCP ACKs (useful for observing Nagle behavior
  • Command Used : ssldump -a -i eth0 port 80
  • See the below image for more help - 
ssldump -a option

-A Option 

  • Print all record fields (by default ssldump chooses the most interesting fields)
  • Command Used : ssldump -A -i eth0 port 80 
  • See the below image for more details - 
ssldump -A

-d Option 

  • Display the application data traffic. This usually means decrypting it, but when -d is used ssldump will also decode application data traffic before the SSL session initiates. 
  • This allows you to see HTTPS CONNECT behavior as well as SMTP STARTTLS. As a side effect, since ssldump can't tell whether plaintext is traffic before the initiation of an SSL connection or just a regular TCP connection, this allows you to use ssldump to sniff any TCP connection. 
  • ssldump will automatically detect ASCII data and display it directly to the screen. 
  • non-ASCII data is displayed as hex dumps.
  • See the below image for more details - 

ssldump -d

-e Options 

  • Print absolute timestamps instead of relative timestamps.
  • See the below image for more details - 

-H Option 

  • Print the full SSL packet header.
  • See the below image for more details - 
ssldump -H

This is how we can use ' ssldump '  on BackTrack 5 
More examples will be added soon 

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