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xprobe2 on backtrack 5


  • xprobe2 is developed by  Fyodor Yarochkin.
  • xprobe2 ia a Remote active operating system fingerprinting tool .
  • xprobe2 is an active operating system fingerprinting tool with a different approach to operating system fingerprinting.
  •  xprobe2 relies on fuzzy signature matching, probabilistic guesses, multiple matches simultaneously, and a signature database .
  • As xprobe2 uses raw sockets to send probes, you must have root privileges in order for xprobe2 to be able to use them.
How to open xprobe2 On Backtrack 5 
  • BackTrack > Information Gathering > Network Analysis > OS fingerprinting > xprobe2
  • See the below image for more details - 


    be verbose.
    display route to target (traceroute-like output).
    use configfile to read the configuration file, xprobe2.conf, from a non-default location.
    disable module number modnum.
    set number of results to display to numofmatches.
    use logfile to log everything (default output is stderr).
  • specify port number (portnum), protocol (proto) and it's state for xprobe2 to use during rechability/fingerprinting tests of remote host. 
  • Possible values for proto are tcp or udp,portnum can only take values from 1 to 65535state can be either closed (for tcp that means that remote host replies with RST packet, for udp that means that remote host replies with ICMP Port Unreachable packet) or open (for tcp that means that remote host replies with SYN ACK packet and for udp that means that remote host doesn't send any packet back).
    set receive timeout to receive_timeout in seconds (the default is set to 10 seconds).
    generate signature for specified target (use -o to save fingerprint into file)
    write XML output to logfile specified with -o
  • causes xprobe2 to be a bit more noisy, as -B makes TCP handshake module to try and blindly guess an open TCP port on the target, by sending sequential probes to the following well-known ports: 80, 443, 23, 21, 25, 22, 139, 445 and 6000 hoping to get SYN ACK reply. 
  • If xprobe2 receives RST|ACK or SYN|ACK packets for a port in the list above, it will be saved in the target port database to be later used by other modules (i.e. RST module).

    -T, -U
    enable built-in portscanning module, which will attempt to scan TCP and/or UDP ports respectively, which were specified in port spec

  • Enable experimental support for detection of transparent proxies and firewalls/NIDSs spoofing RST packets in portscanning module. 
  • Option should be used in conjunction with -T. 
  • All responses from target gathered during portscanning process are divided in two classes (SYN|ACK and RST) and saved for analysis. 
  • During analysis module will search for different packets, based on some of the fields of TCP and IP headers, withing the same class and if such packets are found, message will be displayed showing different packets withing the same class.

    Example 1 : Verbose mode 

  • Command used : xprobe2 -v 
  • Here -v is used for " verbose mode  ".
  • See the below image for more details -

EXAMPLE 2 : traceroute
  •  -r  display route to target (traceroute-like output).
  •  See the below image for more details - 

  • -p <proto>:port number: state : specify portnumber ,protocol and state .
  • Command Used : xprobe2 -p tcp:139:open
  • See the below image for more details - 

EXAMPLE 4 : help command
  1. To get help we use -h command 
  2.  command used : xprobe2 -h .
  3. See the below image for help -


  • Will launch an OS fingerprinting attempt targeting Modules 1
  • which are reachability tests, will be disabled, so probes will be sent even if target is down
  • .See the below image for more detials - 

  • Will only enable TCP handshake module (number 11) to probe the target, very usefull when all ICMP traffic is filtered.
  • See the below image for more details - 

Example 7 : 
  • -L : This options displays the module .
  • Command used here : xprobe2 -L 
  • See the below image for more detials - 

Example 8 :
  • -T
  • Command Used: xprobe2 -T21-23,53,139,443
  • See the below image for more details - 

Example 9 : 
  1. Option for forces TCP handshake Modules to try to  guess open TCP ports 
  2. See the below image for more details - 

This is how we can use xprobe2 On backtrack 5 
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