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chntpw on backtrack 5

chntpw(Clear password)

chntpw on backtrack 5 
Learn how to use chntpw on backtrack 5 

  • chntpw program is written by Petter N Hagen .
  • chntpw is used to bypass the windows NT/2k/XP/2k3/Vista/Win7 SAM file .
  • chntpw can handle both 32 and 64 bit windows.
  • With chntpw you can clear the user password.
  • chntpw is used to edit the user password.
  • chntpw is also used to enable the user account .


Here , I had divided this article into two section-

  1. - Mount the disk partition
  2. - Using the chntpw program 

How to Mount the Disk Partition 

Step 1 : Use fdisk -l command to view the Disk Partition.( As shown in the image below )


STEP 2 : Create a mount point using the command - mkdir /mnt/window7



Command : mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/window7

STEP 4 : Now navigate to windows 7 directory .

  • Command : cd /mnt/window7
  • Also we use ' ls ; command to check next directory(Windows) is present here or not .


STEP 5 : Navigate to Windows Directory 

  • Command : cd Windows           // shown in the image . Click the image to view large .

STEP 6: Use 'ls ' commmand used to check System32 directory is present or not .

  • Command : ls                               // shown in the image

STEP 7 :Navigate to System32 directory 

chntpw System32

STEP 8: Navigate to config directory Directory                   // click the below image to view large

STEP 9 : Use 'ls' command TO CHECK the SAM is present or not .

  • The reason behind  all the above steps is to give you the correct path of SAM file .
  • So the final  path  in -

  • Window7 --> /mnt/window7/Windows/System32/config/SAM

  • When I mount the Windows XP then there is a small difference , check it out whats that -
  • WindowsXP --> /mnt/windowsXP/WINDOWS/system32/config/SAM

  • Here in windowsXP - 'WINDOWS' Written in capital letters and 'system32' written in small letters  while 
  • In Window7 - Only 'W' is capital in Windows directory and 'S' is capital in System32 directory . 


How to use chntpw

Step 1 :How to open chntpw 

Backtrack > Priviledge Escalation > Password Attacks > Offline Attacks > chntpw

Step 2: Below image shows the chntpw 

Step 3 : Command to start the program

Command : ./chntpw -i /mnt/window7/Windows/System32/config/SAM

(All details shown in the image)

Follow all the steps shown in the image below -

Step 4: chntpw Edit User Info & Passwords 

In this step , you have to enter the usename to change the passwords. As shown below -

Step 5 :User Edit Menu 

In this step you have to enter '1' to clear the user password as shown in the image .



In this step , you have to quit the program by pressing !(Exclamation Sign ) and then press 'q' to quit .

And at the last it ask you to save the file in the Harddisk . Remember you have to press y(yes) as shown in the image . to save the new SAM file in your Harddisk .

Here is the result  it shows the password is blank , Shown in the image below -

After clear the password Restart your  PC . 


There are two sections -

Section  1 -

  1. fdisk -l
  2. mkdir /mnt/window7
  3. mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt/window7
  4. cd /mnt/window7
  5. cd Windows
  6. ls
  7. cd System32
  8. ls
  9. cd config
Final Path - /mnt/window7/Windows/System32/config/SAM

Section 2 -
  1. Backtrack > Priviledge Escalation > Password Attack > Offline Attack > chntpw
  2. ./chntpw -i /mnt/window7/Windows/System32/config/SAM
  3. 1                        // Enter the numeric 1 
  4. hackingDNA        //Enter the username .
  5. 1                         //Enter the numeric 1 
  6. !                         // Exclamation Sign 
  7. q                        // To quit 
  8. y                         // y (yes) 
  9. Restart 

This is how we can use " chntpw " in Backtrack 5 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks great input

Anonymous said...

I did this and it worked until I logged back into windows... From there the account had disappeared yet in Account Control it is still visible and it still has its archives and data.

note: on the start up windows ran the chkdisk to check the consistancy of the OS.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

When I tried to quit it didnt give me the write to SAM file. Please advise.


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