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Sunday, 4 March 2012


Learn How to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 

 Step 1 :Boot RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX 5 From Your Bootable DVD .

 Step 2 : Select your Language according to your choice .

 Step 3 : Select your keyboard Layout and Press Next .

 Step 4 : If you dont have Installation Number then select the Skip option and press OK then Press Next.

Press the Skip button and click Next.

 Step 5 : Some Warning message comes on the screen , it ask you To Create a New Partition .Choose Yes and press Next Button .

 It will searching for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Installations .

Step6 : Choose your Partition layout . Here I am choosing Create custom layout .

 After selectting your layout click Next .

 Step 7 : Selelct  Free Space and click on New Button 

Now here you have to click on the drpo down button and choose / also known as root, See the next window.

Select Mount Point  : /  

 Mount Point :
File System Type : ext3
     Size(MB) : 12000     

//here i have 20 GB harddisk and i have given 12 Gb (12000mb) space  to the root .

 This window shows that your root partition created. 

Step 8 Creating Boot Partition 
Mount Point : /boot

 Choose File System Type according to your choice : I have selected ext3

Size(MB) : 2000

Remember : We created Boot partition for only Booting files . 

Here it is your /boot partition is created successfully.

Step 9 : Creating Swap Partition 

Choose Swap under the File System Type .

Size(MB) : 1200       // I have given 1200 bcz on my vmplayer i  have given 600 mb of RAM.

Remember : Linux used Twice the amount of Ram as a swap space , so always give twice the memory you have . 

For example : You have 256 mb = 512 mb you have to give as a swap space . I hope you got my point 

 Your Swap partition also successfully created .
You all 3 partition are shown here .

 Step 10 : Click Next Button . Dont change anything untill you know about it.

 Step 11: Network Devices: Set the Hostname as a automatically via DHCP .

 Step 12 : Select your Timezone and click Next.

 Step 13 : Enter root Password 

 Wait for sometime , It will retrive some information shown in the image  .

Step 14 : Click on Customize now to chane the Desktop Environment. 

 Step 15 : Here you can choose which type of Dektop Environment you want to install
                I have selected KDE (K Desktop Environment )

 It will check for packages wait until it completed.

 Step 16 :Now click On Reboot Button on the botto, right of this window.

 Formatting of your file system is starting now .

 Now your Installation is starting .It takes several minutes to complete.Be patience ...
Installation starts

 Red Hat is Booting Now 

Step 17 : Click on the Forward Button.

 Step 18 : Agreement : Select Yes  and click on the Forward Button.

Step 19 : Firewall : Click Forward 

In this step click on Forward Button

Step 20 : Click ON Forward

 Step 21 :  Select You Date and Time and click Forward.

 Step 22 : Select No, and click Forward 

 Step 23 : click on No thanks , i'll connect later and press Forward Button.

Click Forward

 Step 24 : Create User : Enter your Username and Password then Press Forward.

 Step 25 : Sound Test : Click On play button , if you hear the sample sound then click Yes .

 Your installation complete click on Finish Button.

Step 26 : Enter Username

Step 27 : Enter Password

Your KDE Desktop is open now !!
Installation Completed
Now gain some experiance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

--------------------------THE END -------------------------



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