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Learn How To Split Terminal on backtrack 5

 Learn how to split Terminal into different regions  

Learn Basics if Screen Utility 
  • Split your Terminal Verticaly , Horizontally ,
  • How to split one single terminal into 3 regions ,
  • which shortcuts are used to do this task,
  • How to move to next regions.

First step is to open a terminal . When terminal open write the screen command as shown in the above image also given below -

root@bt:~# screen     //screen is the command you have to enter.

In this image your screen command will launced ,now let spilt the terminal into Vertical section . 
To divide the screen into vertically ,you have to press :

Ctrl+a and then press | (pipe sign)

   How to divide terminal into two vertical region

Output after pressing :" Ctrl+a | ": Shown above 
Description : Here you can see that terminal is divided into 2 vertical sections .

How to devide Screen into two Horizontally regions 

Command used are : 
  • Ctrl+a shift s : It is used to divide screen into two terminal regions .

    How to divide 1st vertical region into two vertical region

To divide into two regions we simply press the following buttons:

Ctrl+a and then press shift + S

Command used are :- 


Command used here :
  • Ctrl + a tab :- It is used to move into another region .
  • Ctrl + a c :- It is used to create a new window in use.
These are the command used here to move from one region to another .

EXAMPLE : How to use split terminal 

After creating vertical and horizontally sections , here is the fine example of using the terminal only on backtrack 5 .

Note : It is important to learn screen basics because ,,it helps you in many cases when you want to see all the process in one single terminal also when we are doing arp poisioining , So its better to learn it before with me i.e


Anonymous said...

The pipe key outputs \ when i press it. I can't split into horizontal only vertical.

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